Peace and Wellbeing. We all want these qualities. Yet are they not often elusive with all the pressures and daily changes in life? So many have trouble with decision making or staying on track with cherished goals. Are you among them? Are you or a family member having trouble sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, mind racing or with troubled dreams? Is worry affecting your ability to pay attention to your important life concerns? How much time do you lose as a result? How much is your health impacted with such stress? What happens if you do nothing to address these thieves of your wellbeing? What if you could look in the mirror and see a relaxed and confident you smiling back at you instead? What if you could hear your own voice once again laughing and relaxed?  Perhaps you would like to make changes but just can't seem to get focused. This is where I can guide you to address your concerns. Together we can create a plan to solve these problems and create permanent changes and upgrade your life.

Yes, together we can make it happen!! Many people have difficulties with feeling overwhelmed and anxious, particularly after a major life change or traumatic event. I listen to each client carefully. Together we create a specific plan for your better future. You will have specific objective and will see your progress. You can get back your sense of peace and wellbeing, and get where you want to go: feeling back in charge of your life, feeling calm and confident.

Marion Haftel currently provides services in Nassau County, Florida. Whie fae to face visits are available, Many choose to visit via phone or a video portal, a great alternative for busy people. Please get in touch! This website is dedicated to bringing you information you can use to improve your life. It is here for your use and benefit. Please contact me using the information provided below for an appointment. The future can be brighter!

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Marion Haftel M.Ed, LMHC, LPC, NCC

Marion Haftel M. Ed, LMHC, LPC, NCC.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Florida
Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia
National Certified Counselor
EFT Practitioner

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