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Congratulations on making a decision to improve your life! Choosing a helping professional who is a good fit for you or your loved one is important.  All mental health counselors who are licensed received a graduate degree and must continue to update their skills. This training is easily adapted to consulting or coaching which is designed for healthy people who want to pursue their goals efficiently by getting feedback and being held accountable for taking actions towards the improvements they want to make.

How do you choose? Many counselors begin as generalists and gradually begin working most often with particular issues that are their strength. I enjoy working with children and adults who are challenged by feeling too much fear. Children love to play and adults sometimes forget to spend time on this important part of maintaining good health. It can be difficult to find the time or energy for it if you are worried all the time.

Your First Step To A Brighter Future
Marion Haftel M.Ed, LMHC, LPC, NCC

I offer a free telephone consultation to help us determine whether we can work well together.

I have worked successfully with both adults and children on a variety of issues. Anxiety is my forte: working with folks who have experienced a trauma like accidents, unexpected family events or abuse or habitually worry about everything so that it is interfering with enjoying life. On other pages of this site I will be including information you may find very useful even if you never call on me for assistance. It is information people have found helpful in dealing with these problems.

Everybody has their issues. Some people are prone to anxiety just as a result of body type for example, or what was modeled in their family growing up. It really isn't so comfortable worrying about things other people seem to take in stride: to have your heart rate speed up, your shoulders get all tight, your palms get sweaty, to feel your heart in your throat! I know! I have been there and I have learned how to deal with it so that I enjoy life a whole lot more. In the process of helping myself I discovered a passion to help others with these particular issues as well.

I use a combination of cognitive behavioral and family systems counseling. I am certified in clinical hypnotherapy as well as training in rapid trauma reduction.

Another wonderful process for positive shifts is EFT. I have been using EFT for a number of years and have attended additional trainings to sharpen my skills.  I get excited about the results you can experience easily and quickly with this wonderful process. Much research has been conducted showing how effective it can be for trauma (including veterans) and just about any problem you can come up with. I creatively combine these processes to tailor them to the individual or family who comes for my assistance.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA, and my masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville FL. I'm licensed as a mental health counselor in Florida: MH5151. You can look me up in the data base
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I am also licensed in Georgia and Virginia and my licence may be found on those states' websites.

I  am a National Certified Counselor (NCC 44849).
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Picking a therapist who is a good fit for you or a loved one is important. I offer a free phone consultation to help us determine whether we can work well together. Give me a call. It would give me great pleasure and satisfaction to help you achieve your goals. It is great to feel better!