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Marion Haftel M Ed., LMHC.
(904) 206-0641

My Practice

Welcome to my practice! I provide counseling and consulting services to help you successfully resolve your anxiety or trauma related issues and achieve your personal goals. I have successfully helped both adults and children with these types of problems.  You will learn how to disarm your intrusive, negative thoughts, get rid of troubling dreams and improve your ability to focus and concentrate.  Free of these energy thieves, you can take action towards your personal goals and wellbeing.

Anxiety is sometimes obvious. Other times it is not. Sometimes in children it can look like other behavioral issues like ADHD or oppositional behavior. Sometimes people who have been through chaos and trauma deal with it by getting very busy in order to forget about it. These people will finally run out of steam and deflate. This can lead to a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder.  Any of these issues can result in a person being put on a variety of medications that have limited benefit. Then confusion and frustration ensue when nothing is  helping very well.  Perhaps you or you loved one fit this description. If so you may have found your therapeutic match.

I have assisted many people with anxiety issues.  I provide services in a casual and homey environment. You will receive individualized services focused on you. I have assisted hundreds of people over the course of the last twelve years in finding more peace and self confidence. It would be my pleasure to serve you as well.

Your First Step To A Brighter Future
Marion Haftel M.Ed, LMHC, LPC, NCC



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