1 Hour: $100.00

3 One Hour Sessions: $270.00

30 Minutes: $50.00

Your First Step To A Brighter Future
Marion Haftel M.Ed, LMHC, LPC, NCC


Welcome to my practice! I provide counseling and consulting services to help you achieve your personal goals.

I have successfully helped both adults and children and will take great pleasure in doing the same for you or your family member.

Services are available in my office or be telephone or encrypted video services.

If you would like to set up phone or video phone services please contact me so that we can review information regarding confidentiality and keeping your information safe before beginning sessions. My Skype ID is marion.haftel I can be contacted through this venue or through WhatsApp. My other contact information is listed at the bottom of the page.

I can help with focusing, anxiety, relationship problems, children's behavioral issues, communication and goal setting.
 I provide in person services in a casual and homey environment. While insurance generally does not cover telephonic or video conference, the advantage of never leaving your own environment and no travel time can make make this choice worth your while.

I have specific training  and am certified in distance counseling.

You will receive individualized services focused on you. I have worked with well over a thousand clients over the course of the last sixteen years. It would be my pleasure to serve you as well.


Its easy!

  1. Contact me! We will discuss your goals. You can determine if you think we will be a good fit for each other. This inital telephone consult is FREE.
  2. Make an appointment time with me. If you will be using telephone or internet video conference we will complete informed consent via fax or secure email. Then we can set a time.
  3. Complete payment arrangements. In person services are often covered by insurance. Please contact your provider for details.

Or you can  use Paypal to easily complete payment arrangements by clicking the button below.